I had a wonderful thanksgiving & hope you did as well. We ate way too much yummy food & pie. We played, took naps & visited & I didn’t take a single picture!

I am so frustrated with myself for not taking pictures. I am going to have to beg some off everyone else. :0)

I was especially grateful for the safe return of my hubby & our amazing neighbors who braved the blizzard to get him & his hunting buddies. He finally got home about 2:30 am on Thursday.

So I have started to think of Christmas gifts. I have a tradition of a handmade present to my kids. I am really hoping to get those started later today. It always takes me awhile to make something.

I hope you are able to continue to enjoy your weekend. Before I go here is a hint to what I will be making this year.

One thought on “Blessed

  1. Hi Tiff!

    I didn't get many pictures either! I gave the camera to Jess, and she took a few pics for me, dang it!

    I'm sure that whatever you make it will be wonderful!



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