An New Apron

The other day, I wanted to sew something. I wanted it to be quick. I wanted something I could do start to finished in couple of hours or less. I have several quilts in the works, but I really wanted to see a finish product. I also wanted to go to a quilt store & buy fabric. I love a quilt store.
However, I am trying to be better about living on a budget on & it didn’t fit. So I tried to get creative. I came across a men’s shirt similar to this:
It happened to be in a bag of clothes that needed sorting through before being donated to the local thrift store. I happened to find  a green & yellow one, both  a XXL. I decided I would use what I had on hand to make an apron. I turned that over sized men’s shirt, into a brand new apron.

It is double thick, & has a pocket, which next time I will add some decorative edge on, so it stands out more. But it was quick & I am quite happy with the result.

It was fairly quick, & not to difficult. I am working on a couple of more t-shirt aprons & will hopefully be able to put a tutorial on in a few weeks. Do you have any t-shirts that would work? Don’t get rid of them quite yet.  Anyways, happy Monday & we will talk to you soon!

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