Summer range

Welcome everyone.

If your joining today for real life homeschooling blog hop. I am Tiffany. A homeschooling, sewing, ranching momma to 4 boys.

I am so excited to introduce the newest homeschooling blog hop on the block!
Real Life Homeschooling is a monthly blog hop that I’ve created to show the world that homeschooling is so much more than sitting at a desk doing math worksheets.
On the second Tuesday of each month, over twenty homeschool bloggers will be joining me in co-hosting the Real Life Homeschooling blog hop. Each blogger will share a post of their own and then give you the opportunity to link up your own posts. Feel free to share any posts that show how homeschooling happens in real life just as well as during “school hours”. Possible ideas include: field trips, special projects, community service, what your child learned in the grocery store/barn yard/park/etc., family trips, church events, the possibilities are endless. Real life homeschooling is about turning the world into our classroom. As homeschooling parents, we know our children are always learning, right?! Thatis what this blog hop is about.

The Real Life Homeschooling Blog Hop co-hosts are:

Tabitha from Meet Penny
Aurie from Our Good Life
Erin from Royal Baloo
Megan from Homeschooling etc.
Stephanie from Bowmania
Stacey from Layered Soul
Rachel from Rooms of Knowledge
Kelli from Adventurez in Child ‘Rearing
Take a few minutes and check out the awesome blogs listed here. You’re in for a blessing and don’t forget to check back on the second Tuesday of each month to link up your own Real Life Homeschooling posts!

Today I am sharing a day on summer range.

On this particular day we learned how to make an impromptu sun dial & how to tell time & direction.

My hubby explaining how it works & the process to my boys. It was interesting to me as well. I hope I never get lost, & have to do this as handy as it is.

Any time on summer range includes learning more about animal science as we care & ride the horses.

Nutrition & survival skills are discussed as we learn to cook over an open fire. Tin foil dinners were on the menu this particular night.

It wouldn’t be time in the mountains if we didn’t take a few minutes to cool off in the creek.

We spent an hour or two laying by the pond in the shade. The older three explored. They caught a few tadpoles & a frog. I love learning about different Eco systems first hand.

Of course a lot of time was spent observing & checking out the sheep & lambs.

Our Spanish is practiced as we visit with the herders. We like to keep a tally of the different animals we see.

The best part is we are learning first hand & hanging out as a family.

So there you have it a glimpse of a day on summer range.

Take a chance to check out the other lovely ladies.



4 thoughts on “Summer range

  1. Sounds like weekends around here–although your views are better! LOL! 🙂 You can't replace the value of that kind of family time together. And isn't it great that real life homeschooling gives Dads such a great way to share their own skills (my hubby is a hands-on learner, not a book learner) and pass on their wisdom in the “learning” setting as well?


  2. To the Mrs. You know it doesn't have to be a new post from today. Link up an old one. I know you have a lot of great ideas on your blog.

    @ Jamie – I agree with you. I love that dads can join in on the homeschooling. We think differently so it is nice to have two perspective on things when we are teaching stuff.

    Thanks again for stopping by!!


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