Adding it all up. Day 3 of The How do I teach Series.

I realize that you are awaiting for my great ideas for math curriculum, as part of our five day series.

I do have some great links & ideas I wanted to share with you.

Then life happened.

As it does most days.

It is hard being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a neighbor, a teacher not to mention the cook, maid, chauffeur, and everything else we add into our lives.

So here is my advice about math:

No matter how you try to divide yourself, you are still only one person.

So don’t try to divide yourself into too many pieces.

It may mean that those that are closest to you will get only a fraction of what they deserve.

So subtract things out of your schedule. It will be okay.

Take time to add in those moments that matter and make memories that are erasable.

Make cookies & multiply the joy by sharing with others.

Zero in on what really matters.

Those years and days will add up faster than you can imagine.

We only have them for short time.

Take a minute to hold & enjoy the kids in your home. Really enjoy them!

So when your adding up all the things in your day. Subtract things out you really don’t need.

Do all you can to make sure that all those seconds & minutes count.

Make them really count.

– Tiffany

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