Checking In

It has been a long time since I have posted on here. When I finally checked the date on my blog since the last post I realize that it has been close to a month. I never intended it to be that long, I really didn’t, bu September just flew by.

  I am sure later there will be a series of blog posts to show what we have been up to.

  We have celebrated birthdays,

 taken our first group of lambs off summer range,

 We have gotten into school a little heavier.  I hate to say we have had our 1st day of school, because we learn year round. I will say that  we have started adding more subjects into our daily study.

 We have been on field trips & traveled.

 We have been canning, then cleaning, & canning more.

 We are cleaning again.
 There are mountains of laundry we are trying to attack.

  We are sewing quilts & bean bags.
 We are working on patterns & a tutorials.

 We are picking up old hobbies & discovering new ones.

 I am trying to stay off electronics a little more.

 There has been more trying to be present with my children & less distracted.

 More snuggles & book reading.

 We are like so many of you, trying to do our best each day & hope it is good enough.

 So please excuse my absence. Life has just flown by. I will try to be on here more consistent.

 I will be traveling again next week as we will begin to ship our final lambs & sheep off their summer range. It will be a long week or so, & hopefully it we don’t freeze to death, but I am sure it will be good memories in the making.

 So keep checking back here, and I will keep trying to check in. But know we are doing the best we can, just like you.

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