"The Kreu Quilt"

I had been working on a project for quite some time & today  I am excited to show you the 1st of hopefully many to come. So here it is “The Kreu Quilt.” A Country Road original quilt.

“The Kreu Quilt”

 This quilt is a quick crib/toddler size quilt & goes to together fairly quickly with the help of chain piecing. The Monogram, is appliqued on & can be change to fit whatever letter you need.

   The back is a solid piece of brown with continuing arrows from the front  cutting in around a 1/3 of the way through. This makes it cute from not only the front, but also the  back.

       The pattern will be shared soon, so check back for it or e-mail me if interested. Anyways I am so excited about this one. It has been my first quilt that I took from my mind to finished project, and I hope you enjoy it!  Here are a few more pictures:

4 thoughts on “"The Kreu Quilt"

  1. Kim,
    Thanks for stopping by & following my blog. I went & checked yours out. There is some pretty cute stuff on there .The ghost hunt with the suckers is something I might try tomorrow! Thanks for the sweet words, the quilt is simpler than you would think. Maybe some intro to sewing tutorials should be on here in the sooner. Hmm. Thanks again for stopping by!


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