Week in Review

Some weeks drag by & others are over before you know it. This one went pretty fast.    

Here is a quick glance in pictures (off my phone) what happened last week.


    We started the week off with the 3 youngest sick. That meant trying to get them to rest, a lot of cold medicine & Vicks humidifiers. 

      Which also meant  3 days worth of blanket forts.  If you have to stay down, nothing makes it cooler than blanket forts. 


     School took place as usual on the days they were feeling better. 

My hubby found an awesome deal on older bananas. So we spent a week drying them & making banana chips. They are so delicious!!

A trip to the dentist for me. I fear the dentist. Only to find out I have to return again for more work this week.

I decided to join in this fun quilt along from Bee in my Bonnett. If you want to check it out too you can see the website is still at the top of the picture. 

It took me almost all week, but I finally got my quilt along week #1 block done. 

 I opened my eyes yesterday morning & was literally nose to nose to this cute face as he was trying to wake me.

Our week was finished off by working with dad & the sheep yesterday. I missed some adorable pictures because I didn’t have a camera, but it was a nice time.
Now hopefully we can enjoy our day of rest & church service before we repeat it all again. 

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. Sorry you've got sick kiddos! That's never fun, but you definitely did your best at making it fun with the forts! I think my mom has that EXACT quilt you have…the pink one. A lady in Smoot made it for her, I believe. Could it be the same one really?! The banana chips look great! Hope you have a great week!


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