Cherry Tree Lane Quilt Along Week #1



I  always have a long list of quilts I want to make. This week while scrolling through Instagram, I found a quilt that just popped out at me.  It was created by the amazing Samantha Dorn of Aqua Paisley Studio. It is called Cherry Tree Lane Quilt and it is beautiful.


So when I saw that she was doing a quilt along & she promised that it will be quick, simple and much easier than I would initially think. I joined. I think a lot about doing quilt along. Now if you don’t know   what a quilt along it let me explain it to you. Think of it as a virtual quilting party. You pick a pattern, and everyone post picture of their progress. You are sewing a long with talented other quilters from around the world. This one is a short 3-4 week quilt along & I am happy to say I not only joined it, but I completed week one on time.


This first  week plan was to gather supplies. I swear the hardest part of most quilt projects is choosing the fabric. I have recently fallen in love with Desert Bloom Fabric by Sherri & Chelsi . It a different then my usualy color scheme, but the blues & pink shades have captured me. It simply gorgeous.



Once you choose then you being sewing your strips together. Samantha has great tips in her pattern on how to put your fabric choices together. She thought of things that initially I don’t think I would have without her help.



Then you start cutting. I have never done triangles, other than half squared triangles. She gives you a template if you don’t have a ruler. I didn’t own one & thought about purchasing one, but without having to drive and hour that wasn’t possible. Samantha has tricks to create your own & I eventually decided this method worked best for me.



The last part of this week sew along was to start laying your pieces out to get a rough idea of the type of design you want to do.


If you look closely you will see 3 different option of putting blocks together. There is even more than this, but these are the 3 I wanted to see. After much debate I chose my design. So make sure you check back next week to see what happened on week 2 of the Cherry Lane Quilt Along

And if you want to joining us it isn’t too late. Go to Aqua Paisley Studio to get the pattern and until the end of the week anyone that is joining in can use the coupon code: cherrytreelandqal  in my quilt shop & get their jelly rolls for $25.oo If you join in, please tag me I would love to see what you create.

Until another day, that is life from this country road.


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